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Advancing Women in the Global Marketplace
A Partnership Between the UN Global Compact and UNIFEM


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Proposed Timeline for the Consultative Process

Upcoming Activities

July 2009

Conclusion of the consultation process.

Sept – Nov 2009

Launch of the principles and compendium of good examples.

24-25 June 2010

Global Compact Leaders Summit, UN Headquarters, New York – a triennial event drawing around 1,000 CEOs and leaders from civil society, labour and government.


Previous Activities

Mar-Jun 2009 World wide distribution of information about the process and of the invitation to participate and provide input on a set of Women’s Principles.
9-10 June 2009

Presentation of the process and inputs thus far at the Global Compact Annual Local Networks Forum, which brings together Local Network representatives from more than 80 countries to share experiences in advancing and implementing the UN Global Compact principles. Consultation session for representatives of Local Networks and members of the Global Compact’s Human Rights Working Group.

30 June 2009

Deadline for any responses to ' Guiding Principles for Corporate Sector: Questions for Reflection'.  The responses should be sent to Laraine Mills laraine.mills@unifem.org.

5 March 2009 Advancing Women in the Global Marketplace - Official launch of the process around a set of Women’s Principles.
6 March 2009

Small group sessions that built upon the work of the panels and dialogues of 5 March and helped develop a strategy on how to ensure that efforts to advance and empower women are a part of broader corporate citizenship efforts. Included development of priorities and action items for the process launched around the Women's Principles.


Ursula Wynhoven

(Last Updated: 10 July 2009)