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Advancing Women in the Global Marketplace
UN Global Compact Commemorates International Women's Day 2009

New York, UN Headquarters, 5 March 2009


Lead Discussants

Women Principles

Tools and Resources

Looking Ahead

  Agenda  (PDF)

09:00 am

Arrival at the UN (Visitors’ entrance, First Avenue at 45th Street)
Participants are encouraged to arrive early for breakfast and networking 



09:30 am 


  • Remarks by the Executive Director of UNIFEM, Inés Alberdi (Presentation)
  • Remarks by the Executive Director of the UN Global Compact, Georg Kell
  • Remarks by the Minister for Children and Equality, Norway, Anniken Huitfeldt
09:50 am 

Introduction of Facilitators Tanya Odom and Mike Davis, DLA Piper, who will describe the aims for the day and expected results (Presentation)



10:00 am 

Why the Women’s Principles; Why Now?
Chaired by Joanne Sandler, Deputy Director for Programmes, UNIFEM (Presentation)

How and why respect for women's rights is indivisible from corporate, social and economic progress 

Lead Discussants

  • Amy Augustine, Manager, Diversity and International Labor Relations, and Aditi Vora, Social Research Analyst, Calvert
  • Cecily Joseph, Director of Corporate Responsibility, Symantec  (Presentation)
  • Dan Viederman, Executive Director, Verité
10:30 am 

Interactive session

  • How are the Women’s Principles good for business and development?
  • What is the experience up to now?
  • What could the next steps be?
11:15 am 

Spotlight on the Women's Principles and Business
Participants respond



11:45 am 




12:00 pm 

Lunch and keynote address

  • H.E. Kirsti Lintonen, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Finland to the UN (Presentation)
  • Dr. Elisabeth Kelan, Lecturer, Department of Management, King's College London (Presentation)
13:00 pm 

Creating the Optimum Workplace
Chaired by Raphael Crowe, Senior Gender Specialist, International Labour Organization (Presentation)

From fair and equal treatment of women workers to women’s health and safety initiatives and more, the workplace provides many opportunities for business to promote equality.

Lead Discussants

13:45 pm 

Interactive session

  • What are examples of business practice that are making a difference?
  • What can we all learn from them and how might such examples be scaled up?
  • What are the opportunities for further progress?
14:15 pm 




14:30 pm 

Women and Entrepreneurship (Handout)
Chaired by Dr. Osman Ataç, Chief, Trade Support Institutions Strengthening Section, International Trade Center

Exploring the sustainability and effectiveness of a model for enabling clusters of women-owned/managed enterprises to participate in international trade as preferred suppliers.

Lead Discussants

  • Virginia Littlejohn, CEO, Quantum Leaps, Inc.
  • Carmen Castillo, President, Superior Design International, Inc.
 15:15 pm

Interactive session

  • How can the proposed model address the issues presented in the concept note? Are there other issues that need to be addressed and who can/should address them?
  • Based on this model, what might be the role(s) of participants/stakeholders?
  • What are examples of other models that worked (i.e. empowered women entrepreneurs and were sustainable?)
  • What are examples of other models that did not work?
15:45 pm 




16:00 pm 

Other Public-Private Partnerships and Initiatives Advancing Gender Equality
Chaired by  Susan Myers, Executive Director, New York Office of the United Nations Foundation

Lead Discussants

  • Nancy Glaser, Senior Vice President, Global Communications, Avon
  • Anne Black, VP, Corporate Engagement, Goldman Sachs & Co.
  • Molly Tschang, Director, International Programs, Cisco Systems, Inc.
  • Richard Gruenberger, Partner, DLA Piper
Innovative collaborations helping women, benefitting business and other organizations.



Interactive session

  • What role do partnerships play in advancing women’s position in the global marketplace? 
  • How do they make a difference?
  • Is scaling up possible?
  • What are the opportunities for further expansion?
16:45 pm

Participants reflect on the day and next steps 



Optional working session
on global strategies for addressing gender equity

6 March 2009 
DLA Piper, 1251 Avenue of the Americas, New York

10:00 am

Working Session on the Draft Good Practice Guide on Advancing Women in the Global Marketplace



12:00 pm 

Innovative Training Tools to Address Gender Equity



13:30 pm 

Workshop on Global Strategies for Addressing Gender Equity
Facilitated strategy session designed to create innovative approaches to realizing the full potential of women in the global marketplace

16:00 pm 

Close and Optional Reception



Ursula Wynhoven

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