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Release of the "Call for Responsible Business and Investment in Egypt"

(Cairo, 20 June 2011) A full house of government and business representatives, policymakers, international and civil society organizations convened at the Fifth Corporate Sustainability Forum, organized by the Egyptian Institute of Directors, the Egyptian Corporate Responsibility Center and the Gerhart Center Philanthropy & Civic Engagement on 20 June 2011 in Cairo, Egypt.

In the wake of 2011, the Middle East and North Africa region has witnessed radical political, social and economic changes. This event served as a platform to introduce the corporate sector to the main opportunities and tools that can be taken up to advance good governance, anti-corruption and do business with the poor as well as shape sustainability development in Egypt.

In the context of the opening session entitled "Thoughts on Sustainability in light of the current changes in the MENA region", the "Call for Responsible Business and Investment in Egypt" – supported by over 15 companies, institutional investors and other organizations – was released with a view to encouraging sustainable corporate behaviour as well as new and continued investment in Egypt.