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Background Information

For companies of all sizes, operating in "conflict-prone", "weak" or "post-conflict" areas poses a number of dilemmas with no easy answers. Recognizing this, during the past decade the UN Global Compact has brought companies together with multiple stakeholder groups to enhance their collective capacity to make positive contributions to peace and development where they operate.

The Global Compact has engaged companies and investors through the following activities:

  • Local Engagement: Global Compact Local Networks – found in over 100 countries – provide a space for companies to engage at the local level.
  • Expert Group: Co-convened with the UN-backed Principles for Responsible Investment the expert group convened leaders from business, UN, investors, civil society and academia to promote understanding of responsible business in high-risk and conflict affected areas among key actors at both the global and local level. View list of Expert Group Members
  • Pilot Project:  A two year initiative comprised of select companies and investors that committed to implement the best practices outlined in the Guidance on Responsible Business in Conflict-Affected & High-Risk Areas: A Resource for Companies & Investors.

Since the launch of the Global Compact companies have benefited from:

  • tools to guide their business activities;
  • access to a network of companies operating in similar areas;
  • standards of conduct which aim to prevent companies from inadvertently supporting conflict and human rights abuses;
  • a stimulus for starting projects and initiatives that can reduce negative impacts and conflict tension.

Over the years the Global Compact has worked with various stakeholders to develop publications and resources to provide companies with guidance on how to advance corporate sustainability within their strategies and operations when operating in high risk and/or conflict affected areas. 

Steering Committee

The multi-stakeholder Business for Peace Steering Committee will provide programmatic advice and guidance and will serve to ensure the platform’s good governance and organization. In particular, the Steering Committee will provide counsel on the strategic direction of B4P. This will include:

  • providing input to the programme of work and consultation on global priorities;
  • promoting greater coherence on the strategic positioning of B4P relative to other initiatives;
  • advising on the integrity, accountability and transparency of the platform and
  • contributing to an annual progress assessment of B4P goals and objectives.

Additional information

  1. Steering Committee members
  2. May 2014 Meeting Report
  3. December 2013 Meeting Report
  4. Strategy Document and 2014 Activity Overview

Oslo Business for Peace Awards

The Oslo Business for Peace Award recognizes individual corporate leaders for fostering peace and stability through creating shared value between business and society. B4P assists the global nomination process for the Oslo Business for Peace Award through Global Compact Local Networks that submit the names of outstanding corporate leaders who have achieved success while acting in an ethical and responsible manner. The global nomination process is conducted in partnership with the Business for Peace Foundation that administers the award, along with the United Nations Development Programme and the International Chamber of Commerce. 

In 2014, B4P received over 25 nominations for the Award from Local Networks. The 2014 Oslo Business for Peace Award Honourees were announced this May during the Oslo Business for Peace Summit. For more information about the 2015 nomination process please contact Jeffrey French at french@unglobalcompact.org

Event Archive

The work of the Global Compact to advance business and peace has been informed by over a decade of events convening relevant stakeholders to discuss and deliberate these issues.

Business for Peace Podcast

Access an overview of Business for Peace, run time: 22:44 minutes. Click here.



(Last updated: 4 April 2014)