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Expert Group on Responsible Business in Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas

UN Headquarters, New York
8 November 2011

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Managing Security Issues: Challenges and Lessons Learned. Companies are encouraged to apply evolving best practices in the management of security services provided by private contractors as well as, to the extent possible, public security forces. What are examples of good practice in this area? In addition, companies are asked to take a broad and inclusive approach towards stakeholder engagement - but how should a company deal with armed groups?

Advancing Responsible Business Practices in a Post-Conflict Environment: the case of Libya business practices. Operating in such environments may also expose companies to heightened tensions, disruptions, or reputational or financial risks. What can companies do to advance responsible business practices in the context of Libya? Is there a role for the Expert Group/ Expert Group members – if so, what are the priority areas for action? Is there interest in exploring the development of a Global Compact Local Network in the country?

Conflict minerals and new disclosure requirements of the Dodd-Frank Act: What are the new disclosure rules and requirements connected with the conflict minerals provision of the Dodd-Frank Act? What types of companies will it impact? What are some of the immediate implications and long-term opportunities for companies and Expert Group Members?

From Red to Green Flags: How can companies build on the UN endorsed “Protect, Respect, Remedy” framework on business and human rights to manage dilemmas and challenges faced in difficult operating environments such as weak governance zones? How can companies respect human rights when a State does not fulfil its obligations? What are some of the company responses to address their responsibilities to respect human rights in a high-risk zone? How can Expert Group Members further engage in this area?

Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative: Why and how can Expert Group Members support EITI implementation at the country-level? Which countries are especially priorities? What are some recent developments that may be of interest to Expert Group Members – especially in the Middle East?

Next steps for the Expert Group in 2012. This session focused on suggested areas of activity for the Expert Group in 2012 - both at the global-level and at the country-level. How can the Expert Group contribute to the Rio +20 Conference on Sustainable Development in June? How can Expert Group Members further support GC Local Networks that are especially interested in advancing responsible business and investment issues?