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B4P How to Participate

Other Stakeholders

Peace relies upon multiple actors working in concert.  B4P welcomes all stakeholders, including civil society organizations, investors, academics, Governments, international organizations and others to support the platform.


By shaping public policy, Governments and policymakers can contribute to create enabling environments in which development, stability and peace can be advanced. For business and Governments to bring coherent and comprehensive solutions in high-risk areas, dialogue and collaboration are required. Governments are encouraged to engage in public-private dialogues at the global and at the country-level and to identify priority areas where greater collaboration with the private sector could contribute to peace.


Investors have a critical role to play in driving improved corporate performance in conflict-affected and high-risk areas. Investors are invited to integrate conflict-related issues into their engagement with investee companies; review annual Communications on Progress and provide constructive feedback about a company’s implementation efforts in conflict-affected/high-risk areas; and act collectively with other investors.

Civil Society

Civil society organizations are invited to support B4P through awareness-raising activities; contributing to multi-stakeholder dialogue to identify relevant global issues and local priorities; and helping to identify good practice examples and opportunities for progress.

United Nations 

Building on the core mandate of the United Nations, UN Agencies, Funds and Programmes have the legitimacy, expertise, and experience to support the goals of B4P.

UN entities are invited to leverage B4P to advance the implementation of their mandate by helping to facilitate dialogue among various stakeholders and engaging in partnerships with the private sector that can have a significant positive impact on the ground.


Preparing and training future business leaders to work successfully and in a sustainable manner in a global and multi-cultural climate, requires in-depth immersion into the role of the private sector in contributing to peace. Academia is invited to support B4P by integrating business and peace issues and awareness into management education, business school curricula and related research.

For more information on how to support, please contact: business4peace@unglobalcompact.org



(Last updated: 9 September 2013)