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How to Participate

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Companies and Global Compact Local Networks can join B4P by signing the Statement of Support. To join, a Senior-level Executive/Representative of a Global Compact Local Network should sign a copy of the Statement of Support and send it to the UN Global Compact Office Business for Peace Team via email at: business4peace@unglobalcompact.org

Civil society organizations, investors, academics, Governments and other stakeholders are also invited to support the platform. For more information, please contact: business4peace@unglobalcompact.org


Any company with ten or more employees committed to advancing peace  – from large multinationals with operations and supply chains spanning the globe to small- and medium-sized enterprises operating in one country – can join B4P. Although it is expected that companies will be UN Global Compact participants, any that are not will have one year to become a UN Global Compact participant.

To join, a senior-level executive will sign the Statement of Support, agreeing to take action to advance peace in the workplace, marketplace and local communities by:

Paying Heightened Attention to UN Global Compact Implementation in Conflict-Affected/High-Risk Areas

Companies should take action to ensure that their activities – throughout operations and supply chains, with a special focus on conflict-affected and high-risk environments – are consistent with the Ten Principles and international standards. Doing no harm and implementing responsible business practices in these environments may be more challenging, but the consequences of a company’s action or inaction are likely to be much greater—both for the business and for society. The Guidance on Responsible Business in Conflict-Affected & High-Risk Areas: A Resource for Companies & Investors provides a useful reference.

Taking Action to Advance Peace – Individually or in Collaboration with Others

Companies should engage in projects and initiatives to advance peace; B4P will support and advance a range of such activities. Given the importance of local context, companies are encouraged to participate in multi-stakeholder dialogue to identify and prioritize local issues where the private sector can make a positive contribution. By working collaboratively with other stakeholders, including Global Compact Local Networks, companies can develop and expand projects and initiatives to make progress on local issues that contribute to peace, stability and development.

Companies should also consider how they can become an advocate for peace among their peers, employees, customers, investors and the public. Responsible Business Advancing Peace - Examples from Companies, Investors & Global Compact Local Networks (hyperlink) provides a useful reference.

Annually Communicate on Progress

To demonstrate ongoing engagement and progress, companies are encouraged to use their annual Communication on Progress (COP) to make public their actions in this area. Examples of company action that go beyond “do no harm” to assist societies in building peace will be the vanguard component of this platform. 

Global Compact Local Networks

All Global Compact Local Networks from around the world are encouraged to pledge their support for B4P. To join, the Local Network Representative should sign the Statement of Support, demonstrating a willingness to engage in learning, dialogue and collective action to advance peace in the workplace, marketplace and local communities. Local Network B4P participants will support companies in implementing the Ten Principles in high-risk or conflict-affected areas and help to facilitate multi-stakeholder dialogue to identify priority areas for greater corporate engagement.




(Last updated: 12 September 2013)