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Meetings and Events

Course: Multinational enterprises, Development and Decent Work: The Approach of the MNE Declaration

15 to 19 June 2015
ILO International Training Centre (ITC)
Turin, Italy

This five-day course will look at how governments, enterprises and social partners are encouraged to each put policies in place and engage with each other through dialogue to maximize the positive contribution of multinational enterprises to socio economic and decent work. For more information, or to submit an application, please click here.

Training areas: International Labour Standards, Sustainable Development

ILO International Training Centre (ITC)

Business participants are encouraged to visit the course calendar of the ILO's International Training Centre. The Centre provides ongoing training and related services for business to develop human resources and institutional capabilities.



Previous Events

Child Labour Platform - Business initiatives to tackle child labour

Geneva, Switzerland
14 March 2014

Representatives from business, investment, civil society, trade unions, business associations, Government and the UN assessed the effectiveness of current approaches to eliminating child labour in supply chains and identified opportunities to further develop the platform. Participants were also introduced to the "Child Labour Guidance Tool” – a joint initiative of the ILO and the International Organisation of Employees (IOE). 

Child Labour Platform - Tackling child labour in global value chains

New York, USA
19 September 2013

Representatives from major multinational enterprises, the ILO, UNICEF, as well as senior global employers’ and trade union leaders, met at a side event during the UN Global Compact Leaders’ Summit to discuss ways to tackle the root causes of child labour in global value chains.

Labour Principles Session - Global Compact Week

Copenhagen, Denmark
17 May 2011

The Labour Working Group exchanged ideas with Local Networks on the labour principles, shared lessons learned and identified common challenges. Local Network representatives were also introduced to available tools to assist business in respecting and implementing the labour principles.

Putting Labour Principles into Practice in Times of Crisis - 2010 Leaders Summit

New York, USA
24 June 2010

Hosted by the Labour Working Group and the International Labour Organization (ILO), companies shared experiences in applying the principles across their operations for creating a strategic advantage to weather difficult times. ILO experts provided information on current trends, with emphasis on the “2010 ILO Global Report on Child Labour”. Attendees also learned about several key tools and resources.

Labour Principles and Sustainable Development Strategy

Seoul, Korea
15 September 2009

World Day Against Child Labour 2009: Give Girls a Chance, End Child Labour

12 June 2009

Labour Working Group Meeting
in Conjunction with the Annual Local Network Forum

Istanbul, Turkey
8 June 2009

Managing Risks and Assuring Reputations:
Combatting Forced Labour and the Exploitation of Trafficked Persons

ILO Offices, New York
15 May 2009

UN Global Compact Commemorates International Women's Day 2009
Advancing Women in the Global Marketplace

UN Headquarters, New York
5 March 2009

Second Meeting of the Global Compact Labour Working Group

UN Headquarters, New York
16 December 2008

Workshop on Global Engagement in the Fight against Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents

The Role of the United Nations Global Compact
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
November 25-28

Regional Workshop on Addressing Forced Labour: The Role of Employers Organizations and Business

Bangkok, Thailand
30 June-1 July 2008

World Day against Child Labour: "Education - the right response to child labour"

12 June 2008

Corporate Social Responsibility and Persons with Disabilities in Serbia

Belgrade, Serbia
9 June 2008

Inaugural Meeting of the Global Compact Labour Working Group

Geneva, Switzerland
30 May 2008

Combating Discrimination and Promoting Equality for Decent Work dialogue

London, England
6-7 October 2006

Sessions on Occupational Health and Safety, and Workplace Diversity

Global Compact Summit: China
Shanghai, China
30 November - 1 December 2005

Global Compact Policy Dialogue on Supply Chain Management and Partnerships

UN Headquarters, New York
12-13 June 2003

The dialogue identified challenges companies face in addressing labour issues such as freedom of association and a living wage. The lack of standard performance measures, policies and implementation schemes were cited as significant obstacles. While cooperation amongst companies was emphasized, the need for local governments to enforce existing labour standards while working towards international labour standards was also highlighted. To address these challenges, the report recommends that companies adopt a collective approach in working towards a more harmonized system of standards, systems and initiatives. Finally, learning from existing tools for quality and standards management, such as ISO, was also considered.

Breakout sessions: III International Global Compact Learning Forum Meeting

Nova Lima, Brazil
9-11 December 2003

  • "Implementing the principles through partnerships: Labour - Social Partner for corporate citizenship practices"
  • "Lessons learned from policy dialogues: HIV/AIDS in the workplace,"

Global Compact Policy Dialogue on HIV/AIDS

Geneva, Switzerland
12-13 May 2003

Panel Discussion: "Discrimination is Everybody's Business"

Held in advance of the World Conference Against Racism
Durban, South Africa
31 August - 7 September 2001