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Private Sector Focal Points Meeting 2011

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Wednesday, 13 April

9:00 - 10:00 Plenary Session: Enhancing the UN-business partnership gateway www.business.un.org 

One year after the launch of the UN-Business partnership gateway, how effective has it been in facilitating collaboration between the United Nations and the private sector? What kinds of connections have been made via the platform? The site provides a wealth of inspiration/information and a useful matching function designed to better link UN needs with the resources of businesses around the world. How can we enhance usage and better promote this central resource – both internally and externally?

Discussion Questions:
What partnerships between UN and business have been brokered through the website?
What have been the successes and challenges of the site since its launch?
How can we most strategically scale up usage of the site, both internally and externally?

Moderator: Mr. Sean Cruse, Research, Communications, Web Editor, UN Global Compact Office


10:15 - 12:15  Working Group Session #2

Participants will select one of the following three working groups which will run in parallel:

Delivering as “One UN” with the Private Sector at the Country- Level

UN Reform has inspired efforts to improve UN system-wide coherence through development of “Delivering as One” pilots, Joint Programmes and special issue initiatives. The process is also creating new opportunities for the private sector to engage and support the UN’s efforts to streamline its work and improve coordination at the country level. The session is intended to provide an opportunity to share views and discuss how the UN can better collaborate with the private sector in the spirit of UN Reform. A candid look at the successes and challenges of two cases will be presented to frame the conversation.

Discussion Questions:
What are the incentives for private sector entities to engage with the UN Country Team (UNCT) versus individual agencies, funds and programmes?
Is the UN Country Team viewed as an entry point to UN System by the private sector?
Is the UN providing frameworks that are conducive to private sector engagement with UN Reform-inspired programmes and initiatives?

Moderator: Ms. Barbara Kreissler, Industrial Development Officer, UNIDO


Sustainable Procurement

Sustainable procurement is not only a tool for the UN to “walk the talk” but also a tremendous business opportunity for many of the 6,000 plus companies in the developed and developing world that are making efforts to implement the Global Compact principles. This session will provide an opportunity to discuss what the UN is doing in the area of sustainable procurement - touching upon the sensitive issue of commercial relationships.
Experience thus far shows that sustainability in procurement is possible and that business is ready to respond - but does the UN have the tools to engage?

Discussion Questions:
What kinds of collaboration can we set in motion to facilitate more demand for sustainable goods and services from the UN, to meet with responsible companies that exist in both developed and developing countries who are ready to meet this need? What are the legal and trade issues related to sustainable procurement?
What is the role of the International Chamber of Commerce and its national-level chambers in preparing the supplier base for contract requests highlighting sustainability from the UN?
What is the role of private sector focal points in encouraging companies to meet the need for more sustainable goods and services for the UN?

Moderator: Mr. Ferdinand Piatti, Managing Director, PriceWaterhouseCoopers


Supply Chain & Value Chain Issues

This working group will examine three perspectives on supply chain/value chain partnerships: 1) global businesses embracing sustainable sourcing; 2) successful partnership example; 3) value chain partnership work-in-progress.

Discussion Question:
How can UN agencies partner with the private sector across key value chains to strengthen local economies and help break the cycle of poverty?

Moderator: Mr. Casper Sonesson, Deputy Director, Private Sector Division, UNDP


12:15 - 13:00  
Reporting-back and Concluding Plenary Session
  One person from each working group will provide a brief overview of the key outcomes of the discussion
  • Ms. Maria Bobenrieth, Meeting Facilitator