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Private Sector Focal Points Meeting 2010

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Wednesday, 14 April

8:30 - 8:40 Opening Plenary: Introduction to Day 2
  • Mr. Simon Zadek, Meeting Facilitator
9:30 - 10:30 Working Session and Discussion: The UN-Business Guidelines from Theory to Practice 

Now that we have revised UN-business guidelines, what steps can we take to implement them?  How can we operationalize the most relevant implementation recommendations stemming from the process?  This session will provide insights into how some UN Agencies, Funds and Programmes have developed and are implementing their own guidelines to complement the UN-business Guidelines.  It will also provide an opportunity to share lessons learned and identify next steps.


  • Ms. Noha Bawazir, Programme Specialist/Cooperation with Private Sector and Foundations, UNESCO

Lead Discussants:

  • Ms. Melissa Powell, Head, Strategy and Partnerships, UN Global Compact Office
  • Mr. Joe Bradley, Head Program Management and Performance Section, WIPO
  • Ms. Elvira Goetz, Focal Point, Public-Private Partnerships, ILO
  • Ms. Nicole Carta, Resource Mobilization Specialist, UNFPA
10:35 - 12:15  Working Session and Discussion: Partner Selection: A Focus on Sensitive Industries

While UN entities are distinct in their mandates and engagement strategies with different types of companies, the UN as an organization confronts a number of common challenges which we need to overcome if we are to more effectively collaborate with business.  This session is devoted to an exploration of the reputational risks for the UN when partnering with companies from sensitive industries.  From companies in the extractive sector to those who produce infant formula, to tobacco companies - how can the UN decide if a partnership is worthwhile?  What are the grey areas and how can we enhance UN collaboration? 


  • Ms. Ursula Wynhoven, Head Policy and Legal, UN Global Compact Office

Lead Discussants:

  • Mr. Philip O’Brien, Director, Private Fundraising and Partnerships, UNICEF
  • Ms. Natalie Vaupel, Senior Partnership Manager, Private Partnerships, WFP
  • Mr. Johan Weijers, Chief, Co-financing & Partnership Section, Division for Policy Analysis and Public Affairs, UNODC
12:15 - 14:00 Working Lunch Session

Working Session over lunch for participants interested in exploring collaboration in the area of joint due-diligence processes for partner selection.

Discussion Leader:

  • Ms. Ursula Wynhoven, UN Global Compact Office.
14:00 - 15:30 Working Session and Discussion: Improving Internal and External Communications Channels 

Effective Communications (both internally & externally) are central to building value, learning and promoting the UN-Business agenda.  In this session, we will explore current UN-Business communication channels and their effectiveness with a view to enhancing our approaches.  This session will highlight the UN-business Focal Point E-Newsletter and the recently launched UN-business partnership gateway (business.un.org).  Practical information on utilizing the new website will also be shared.


  • Mr. Tim Hunter, Deputy-Director, Private Fundraising and Partnerships, UNICEF

Lead Discussants:

  • Mr. Eric Falt, Director, Outreach Division, Department of Public Information
  • Mr. Wade Hoxtell, Research Associate, Global Public Policy Institute (GPPi) and Editor, UN-Business Focal Point Newsletter
  • Ms. Melissa Powell, Head Strategy and Partnerships, UN Global Compact Office and Mr. Sean Cruse, Research & Communications, UN Global Compact Office
16:00 - 17:15  Innovation in UN-Business Partnerships 

This session will highlight examples of innovative UN-Business collaboration.  The focus will be on emphasizing partnerships with innovative features and with potential for scale up or replication. The session will include sharing and comparing significant lessons, challenges and factors for success of innovative UN business partnerships.

  • Mr. Kevin Cassidy, Communications and External Relations, ILO
Lead Discussants:
17:15 - 17:30  
Concluding Plenary Session: Priorities and Next Steps
  • Mr. Simon Zadek, Meeting Facilitator
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