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UN Reports & Resolutions

Secretary-General's Reports to the General Assembly

Since 2000, the Global Compact Office has been the functional entity within the UN Secretariat responsible for developing the Secretary-General's report under the item "Towards Global Partnerships". It focuses on ways of enhancing cooperation between the UN and all relevant partners, in particular, the private sector.

On 5 November, 2009 the UN Secretary-General’s report on Enhanced cooperation between the United Nations and all relevant partners, in particular the private sector (A/64/337) was presented to UN General Assembly’s Second Committee. Taking stock of current, system-wide efforts to enhance private-sector cooperation, the report concludes that the UN is “well-positioned to bring private sector engagement to the next level and significantly enhance its contribution to the goals of the Organization”. (More information)

UN General Assembly Resolutions

Various General Assembly Resolutions have recognized the importance of responsible corporate citizenship, public-private partnerships and the supportive role of the Global Compact Office, along with outlining general principles and lessons learned for the role of the private sector in the work of the UN. The concept of working in partnership with the private sector and civil society in order to achieve UN goals enjoys the broad-based support of governments from around the world.

The UN's Efforts to Internalize the Global Compact Principles

In order to preserve the UN's credibility as the initiator of the Global Compact, and in response to challenges by leaders of NGOs and the private sector, the Secretary-General requested that a review be carried out to explore the extent to which the Organization could embrace the Global Compact's principles.