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Support United Nations Relief Efforts

In the UN Global Compact spirit of shared responsibility for a better world, participants may wish to consider supporting United Nations relief efforts through the UN Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF). CERF is the United Nations central donation facility, collecting contributions year-round to help ensure that funds are on hand to allow for immediate relief in emergencies.

CERF was created by all nations, for all potential victims of disasters. It is set up to provide predictable and equitable funding to those affected by natural disasters and other humanitarian emergencies.

Update on Haiti

"Funds accessed through the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) and the Haiti-specific Emergency Relief and Recovery Fund (ERRF) also played a critical role in ensuring much-needed resources in the very early phase of the operation. US$36.6 million was allocated from the CERF, with the first allocation of $10 million authorized just hours after earthquake struck, allowing agencies to kick-start programmes. A second allocation of $16 million, made just 72 hours after the earthquake meant that CERF was the largest single source of funding to emergency operations in Haiti for the first five days. This rapid funding enabled humanitarian agencies to launch immediately some of the most urgent programmes as prioritized by the HCT - emergency telecommunications, logistics, food, health and shelter. In late February, another $10 million was made available, to cover gaps in funding for key camp management, agriculture, shelter, and health programmes." (IASC, 2010)