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As part of their commitment to share their learnings with the broader universe of UN Global Compact participants, LEAD companies have the opportunity to contribute to the development of a variety of resources. Following publications have been developed with the support of LEAD companies.

Coping, Shifting, Changing: Strategies for Managing the Impacts of Investor Short-Termism on Corporate Sustainability


Short-termism in investment markets is a major obstacle to companies embedding sustainability in their strategic planning and capital investment decisions, and is likely to remain for many years to come. This report outlines three broad corporate strategies (for the near-term, medium-term and long-term) that can lead to investors supporting measures that address sustainability-related risks and opportunities in order to to ensure the long-term growth of the business and improve the company’s impact on society and the environment. (Global Compact LEAD/PRI, 2014)


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Enhancing Company-Investor Communication: Insights from the ESG Investor Briefing Project

Provides an overview of lessons learned, and recommended next steps derived from the ESG Investor Briefing Project. During the project, a series of high-level investor calls similar to quarterly earnings calls, were convened that focused on the company's environmental, social and governance (ESG) value drivers. The value proposition for a company to hold an ESG value driver call, and guidance for how to do so, are outlined. (Global Compact LEAD/PRI, 2013)


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New Geographies of Corporate Sustainability: Emerging Market Perspectives for Rio+20

Explores corporate sustainability innovations, approaches and perspectives from high-growth and emerging economies likely to significantly impact global corporate sustainability discourse and practice in the future. Based on discussions at workshops convened by Global Compact LEAD and Global Compact Local Networks in Spring 2012 in China, India and Brazil, this discussion paper features insights gained at the workshops and research conducted in these markets. (Global Compact LEAD/BSR, 2012)


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UN-Business Partnership Services: Accelerating and Scaling Transformational Impact

Provides an overview of UN-Business partnership services, developed as a collaborative effort by Global Compact LEAD Task Force members together with UN colleagues from across the system. Designed to accelerate the impact that the UN, business, and other stakeholders can create by working together towards common societal goals. Support services include integrity and due diligence, strategic matchmaking, project and partnership design and delivery, monitoring and evaluation, knowledge management, and capacity building. (UNGC, 2012)


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New Paths to Performance: Strategic Social Investment and Philanthropy

Examines various approaches to social investment practices in the context of corporate responsibility, including from traditional corporate philanthropy to business strategies that share the benefits of commercial activities more broadly, delivering social, environmental and financial returns. The report discusses some of the challenges Global Compact LEAD companies have faced – for example partnership obstacles or difficulties in ensuring an initiative’s sustainability over time – and how they have been overcome. (Global Compact LEAD, 2012)


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Integrating ESG Issues into Executive Pay

Provides a tangible tool to guide dialogue between shareholders and investee companies about integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into executive pay. The document aspires to reflect a common understanding of opportunities and challenges, as well as provide practical examples of emerging practices. (Global Compact LEAD/PRI, 2012)

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A New Agenda for the Board of Directors: Adoption and Oversight of Corporate Sustainability

Contains inspiration and recommendations for Boards of Directors on adoption and oversight of corporate sustainability. (Global Compact LEAD, 2012)

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Catalyzing Transformational Partnerships between the United Nations and Business

UN-Business collaboration is not new, but the models of partnership have been evolving. A Task Force was formed to review the recent history of such partnerships, and to make recommendations for enhancing their effectiveness and scale. The report provides the recommendations of the group to both UN and business. (UNGC/Unilever/Dalberg, 2011)

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Partnership fundamentals: A 10-step guide for creating effective UN-Business partnerships

The  guide serves as a step-by-step roadmap for maximizing the transformative potential of partnerships. As transformational partnerships cannot exist without a strong foundation in place from the outset, this guide provides a roadmap for building
effective partnerships, as well as a method to diagnose existing ones. These recommendations have been derived from insights distilled from existing UN-Business partnerships. (UNGC/Unilever/Dalberg, 2011)

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