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Tobacco Company Policy

The UN Global Compact Office supports the World Health Organization's efforts to raise awareness of the serious health effects of tobacco use. It thus actively discourages tobacco companies from participation in the initiative and does not accept funding from tobacco companies. It also does not permit tobacco companies to make presentations at any of its global events or to use the global brand in any other way to raise their profile.

Since tobacco is a legal product whose use UN Member States have not yet outlawed, the Global Compact Office is not able to exclude tobacco companies from the initiative if they still wish to join. However, because the initiative is a learning and dialogue platform and does not endorse or offer a seal of approval for participating companies, it reinforces Government efforts to advance human rights, labour conditions, the environment and anti-corruption, including as these areas relate to the tobacco industry.

Until Member States decide otherwise, tobacco companies should not be immune from the Global Compact's worldwide call to all companies to embrace, support and enact within their sphere of influence the set of core values in these areas. They should be expected to support and respect human rights, uphold labour standards, respect the environment and avoid corruption.