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Webinars and Training


The Global Compact Office is conducting regular webinars on the COP policy, including information about the Differentiation Programme, at both an introductory and an advanced level.
To find upcoming events and to register free of charge, please see the list of webinars.

Specific webinar topics include:

Introduction to the Global Compact for Business Participants
This webinar provides an overview of the Global Compact in general. It discusses what participation in the initiative entails for businesses. Topics such as the participants dashboard, the Communication on Progress, and the Local Networks, among others are discussed. Access recording of webinar in Spanish.

Reaching “GC Active” Level
This webinar gives an overview of the COP Policy and explain the Differentiation Programme, with a special emphasis on the GC Active level. The webinar covers the minimum COP requirements, deadline extension and modification, and online submission.

Achieving “GC Advanced” Level
This webinar gives an overview of recent updates to the COP Policy and introduce the Differentiation Programme, with a special emphasis on the GC Advanced level. The webinar covers the requirements for GC Advanced level qualification and introduce the level’s criteria. Access recording of webinar.

Introduction to the Communication on Progress
Attendees will receive an introduction to the COP policy and the minimum COP requirements. The Differentiation Programme and the different levels of COP submission (GC Advanced, GC Active, and Learner) will also be discussed. The webinar will primarily benefit Global Compact participants that have never submitted a COP and for those who submitted a COP that was categorized as a Learner. Access recording of webinar.

Country-specific webinars
The Global Compact Office collaborates with Local Networks to develop and deliver COP webinars that meet the unique requirements of a specific country or region. If you are a Local Network Contact Person and would like to organize such a webinar, please contact the COP team.


Basic Training on Implementation and COPs
The Global Compact Office has developed a one-day training on implementation of the Global Compact principles and on communicating progress. The training follows the Global Compact Management Model. All materials are available for interested Global Compact Local Networks.


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(Last updated: 16 August 2012)