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Issue Specific Guidance

The Global Compact offers a wide variety of resources to assist companies in implementing the Global Compact principles in the four distinct issue areas they cover – human rights, labour, environment, and anti-corruption. The following is a list of publications that introduce these issues and highlight options for implementation. For a comprehensive list of our publications, refer to the Issues section of this site.

Guide for Integrating Human Rights into Business Management, 2nd Edition


This practical online tool offers step-by-step guidance to companies wanting to take a proactive approach to human rights within their business operations and is of use primarily to business leaders and managers in large and medium-sized enterprises, private and state-owned, who would like to develop their understanding of human rights in business practice. (UNGC/BLIHR/OHCHR, 2009)

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>> Human Rights resources

The Labour Principles of the UN Global Compact – A Guide for Business

This guide for business explains the four labour principles of the UN Global Compact and provides an inventory of key resources to help integrate these principles into business operations. (UNGC/ILO, 2008)

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>> Labour Rights resources

Environmental Stewardship Strategy

First introduced in 2010, the Environmental Stewardship Strategy presents an integrative approach to managing a variety of key environmental issues, helping companies of all sectors and sizes develop a comprehensive environmental strategy. (UNGC/Duke University, 2010)

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>> Environment resources

Business Against Corruption – A Framework for Action

Business Against Corruption is a compendium of resources and tools available to assist companies in implementing the tenth principle against corruption.(UNGC/Transparency International/IBLF, 2005, updated 2011)

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>> Anti-Corruption resources


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