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Issue Specific

Human Rights COP Reporting Guidance


Provides practical information on how companies can improve reporting on their Human Rights implementation efforts.

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The Women's Empowerment Principles: Reporting on Progress

Offers practical advice on how to report on implementation of each of the seven Women’s Empowerment Principles. It provides general reporting approaches and specific examples of disclosures and performance indicators for each Principle

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Caring for Climate and CDP

CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project) provides the world’s only global natural capital disclosure system where over 4,500 companies, representing over 50% of the market capitalization of the world’s largest 30 stock exchanges, and 110 cities from 80 countries, report, share and take action on vital environmental information. Its global disclosure system is operated on behalf of 767 institutional investors representing over a third of the world’s invested capital and 66 companies with US$1.15 trillion of annual purchasing spend. 

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Corporate Water Accounting – An Analysis of Methods and Tools for Measuring Water Use and its Impacts


A stocktaking and assessment of existing and emerging water accounting methods and tools being used in the private sector. (UNGC/UNEP/Pacific Institute, 2010)

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Reporting Guidance on the 10th Principle Against Corruption


The guidance is the most succinct, practical guide currently available to what anti-corruption aspects companies should report on. It equips business with a practical means to report on anti-corruption policies and actions comprehensively and effectively, as public reporting sends a strong signal to employees, investors and consumers, that a company is serious about clean business. (UNGC, Transparency International, 2009)

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