Basic Guide to the Communication on Progress

Provides an overview of the minimum requirements of the Communication on Progress. The guide includes practical suggestions and examples grounded in best practices from participating companies.

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Basic COP Template


An easy-to-use web-based template, designed to guide smaller and less experienced companies to develop their communication on progress.

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GRI Level C Report Template

The “Let’s Report!” template offers an easy way for organizations to prepare a basic GRI sustainability report and is available for free in multiple languages. Please note that in order to be accepted as a COP, a 'statement of continued support for the Global Compact' must be added to the template-based report.

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Webinar: Reaching “GC Active” Level


This webinar gives an overview of the COP Policy and explain the Differentiation Programme, with a special emphasis on the GC Active level. The webinar covers the minimum COP requirements, deadline extension and modification, and online submission.

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(Last updated: 27 March 2015)