Your Path to External Assessment

Helps companies to set the scope and objective for the external assessment of sustainability reports and/or COPs; understand the different approaches to inform the right type of assessment; and select a specific external assessment approach.

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GRI Sustainability Reporting Framework – G3.1 and G4 Guidelines

The G3.1 and G4 Guidelines outline a disclosure framework for sustainability reports that organizations can voluntarily, flexibly, and incrementally adopt, regardless of size, sector, or location.

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Making the Connection - Using GRI's Guidelines to Create a COP

This guide, produced by the Global Compact in partnership with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), describes how to use the GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines to prepare a Communication on Progress (COP). It addresses how to fulfill the elements of the GC Active and GC Advanced levels of the UN Global Compact differentiation programme, how to meet the requirements to be 'in accordance' with G4, and includes detailed cross-referencing between GRI indicators and GC Advanced criteria.

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International Integrated Reporting Framework

The primary purpose of an integrated report is to explain to providers of financial capital how an organization creates value over time, though it benefits all stakeholders interested in such information.  The International Integrated Reporting <IR> Framework establishes guiding principles and content elements that govern the overall content of an integrated report, and explains the fundamental concepts that underpin them.

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