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The Learner Platform

The Global Compact recognizes that its transparency and disclosure requirements can present a greater challenge for some companies, especially the smaller and less experienced ones.

The Learner Platform was created to help those participants who have demonstrated a commitment toward progress and transparency by submitting a COP, but have not yet achieved the level of disclosure and transparency expected for the GC Active level.

Companies whose COPs do not meet the minimum COP requirements will be given a one-time, 12-month Learner grace period from the date of submission of their COP to submit a new COP that meets all minimum requirements. During this period, the Global Compact will provide active support and assistance through the Local Networks and other means.

One of the goals of the Learner Platform is to ensure that the initiative remains inclusive and achieves the greatest global impact with companies of all sizes, regions and industry sectors. 

Platform Activities

Basic Online COP Template

This template was designed to guide smaller and less experienced companies through the communication process by offering an easy-to-use web-based template. To proceed to the online template, please login to the Global Compact website and go to the COP submission page. Access Basic Online COP Template.

Basic Training on Implementation and COPs

The Global Compact Office, in collaboration with Local Networks and other key partners (including the Global Reporting Initiative), is currently developing basic training modules on implementation of the Global Compact principles and on communicating progress.

Collaboration with Local Networks

In order to help companies advance to the next level of performance and disclosure, the Global Compact Office will work closely with local networks in providing assistance to companies.

Introducing the GRI Guidelines

The Global Compact recommends that companies start using the GRI Guidelines, starting at the Application Level C, to improve the quality of their COP and progress towards the GC Active level. The GRI Guidelines provide companies with a set of reporting principles and standard disclosures that help companies to effectively communicate progress to stakeholders and provide them with comprehensive and credible information about sustainability performance.


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(Last updated: 14 June 2011)