Basic Online COP Template

This template was designed to guide smaller and less experienced companies in their communication on progress by offering an easy-to-use web-based template. To fill out the Basic COP Online Template, please login to the Global Compact website and go to the COP submission page.


Using the Basic COP Template has several benefits. First, the template offers a number of examples for every issue area and reporting element, making it a reference for implementation as well as for reporting. Second, it allows participants to create their COP during the submission process. It is not necessary to create and format a PDF file, as the information will be directly introduced into the template. Third, it allows both users and stakeholders to compare different COPs and track progress. A preview of the Basic COP Template is available in a variety of languages.

Download a preview of the Basic Online COP Template

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Note: The Basic Online COP Template was created based on existing tools developed by the Global Compact Local Networks in Spain and the United Kingdom and developed in consultation with Local Networks in Australia, Austria, Brazil, Egypt, France, Israel, Nigeria and Spain.

Step-by-step guide

The Global Compact Office has prepared a step-by-step guide that illustrates the process of submitting a COP with the Basic COP Template.

Examples of Basic Template COPs

The following Basic Template COPs can be used as inspiration and further guidance.

Participant Country Published Language COP
Atos Origin France 2011-05-04 English 2011
Stage Electrics United Kingdom 2011-07-13 English 2011
Cisco Systems United States of America 2011-05-13 English 2011
CESO CI Internacional S.A. Portugal 2011-05-06 English 2011
FairKlima Capital China 2011-04-13 English 2011
Shanghai Hugong Electric... China 2011-04-11 Chinese 2011
Ceskoslovenska obchodna banka Slovakia 2011-03-18 English 2011
Aidenvironment Netherlands 2011-03-09 English 2011
User dis Ticaret as Turkey 2011-03-06 English 2011
Kopenhagen Fur Denmark 2011-04-10 English 2011
Dedienne Multiplasturgy Group
France 2011-09-26 French 2011
Terra Nova - Regularizacoes Fundiarias
Brazil 2011-12-01 Portuguese 2011
Grupo Logistico Andreani
Argentina 2011-11-23 Spanish 2011
Bureau Veritas LIT, UAB Lithuania 2012-02-09 English 2012
Social Publish Verlag 2010 GmbH
Germany 2012-02-23 German 2012



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(Last updated: 27 January 2012)