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Disability in the Workplace – Company Practices

Highlights company practices and operations in the areas of hiring, retention, products, services and corporate social responsibility in terms of persons with disabilities. Company profiles provide inspiration and guidance for advancing non-discrimination and diversity policies and initiatives, while illustrating the business case for hiring persons with disabilities and maintaining a diverse workforce. (ILO, 2011)

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Human Trafficking and Business: Good Practices to Prevent and Combat Human Trafficking

Guides business on how to avoid being implicated in human trafficking through the use of their products, services or facilities, as well as how to make a positive contribution. (UNGC/UN.GIFT/ILO/IOM, 2010)

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From Principles to Practice: The Role of SA8000 in Implementing the UN Global Compact

Presents case studies of companies that have adhered to the SA8000 standard as a way to advance their commitment to the Global Compact. (UNGC/SAI/CIPE, 2010)

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The Labour Principles of the UN Global Compact – A Guide for Business

The purpose of this guide is to increase the understanding of the four labour principles of principles 3, 4, 5, and 6 as well as to provide an inventory of key resources to help integrate these principles into business operations. (UNGC/ILO, 2008)

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Discrimination is Everbody's Business

This report gives a brief description of why diversity, equality and non-discrimination are in the business interest of companies. Skill shortages, underutilized customer potentioal and improved market understanding are only a few of the more obvious reasons. (UNGC/Volvo, 2001)

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