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Guidance Material

A Guide to Traceability: A Practical Approach to Advance Sustainability in Global Supply Chains

Provides an overview of the importance of traceability for sustainability objectives, as well as global opportunities and challenges. The guide presents practical steps for implementing traceability programmes within companies, features case studies, and maps relevant stakeholders, resources and sustainability issues related to key commodities. (UNGC/BSR, 2014)

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Stand Together Against Corruption: A Practical Guide to Help Prevent Corruption in the Supply Chain

Provides short and practical guidance to companies on managing anti-corruption in the supply chain. Includes specific company examples and other useful resources on this topic. Developed by the Anti-Corruption Task Force of the Advisory Group on Supply Chain Sustainability. (UNGC, 2013)

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Occupational Safety and Health in the Supply Chain

Ensuring the safety and health of workers throughout the supply chain can be a challenge, especially when suppliers operate in countries with inadequate safety protection. This note calls on business to invest in good OSH practices to improve long term value and provides guidance for companies and their suppliers on improving safety and health in the workplace. It describes how promoting better occupational safety and health systems protects the well-being of workers, while reducing operational risks for both suppliers and buyers. Also included are practical examples from individual companies and descriptions of partnerships, initiatives and resources to assist companies in improving occupational health and safety. (UNGC/ILO, 2013)

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Quick Self-Assessment & Learning Tool

This online tool is intended to help companies take stock of their approach to supply chain sustainability, to identify areas for improvement by comparing their practices against peers and other companies, and to provide links to resources to help them make specific improvements. (UNGC/BSR/Maplecroft, 2012)

>> supply-chain-self-assessment.unglobalcompact.org

Supply Chain Sustainability – A Practical Guide for Continuous Improvement

Illustrates how Global Compact signatories can implement the ten principles throughout their supply chains and integrate sustainability into procurement strategies. Includes examples of good corporate practices (UNGC/BSR, 2010).

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A Practical Guide for Continuous Improvement for Small and Medium Enterprises

This two-page guide offers baseline definitions and practical steps that SMEs can take toward effective management of the social, environmental and economic impacts of supply chains. (UNGC/BSR, 2011)

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Sustainable Supply Chains: Resources and Practices

This new website provides information on initiatives, resources and tools to assist companies in developing more sustainable supply chains, as well as case examples of company practices (UNGC/CSR Europe, 2010).

 >> supply-chain.unglobalcompact.org


Fighting Corruption in the Supply Chain: A Guide for Customers and Suppliers

Practical guidance and tools for both customers and suppliers to engage in the fight against corruption. A product of the UN Global Compact 10th Principle Working Group (2010).

>> Fighting Corruption in the Supply Chain (pdf)

Unchaining Value – Innovative Approaches to Sustainable Supply

This report explores how supply chains function in order to identify new approaches to building sustainability capacity at the local supplier level, as well as identifying initiatives that will encourage and enable consumer demand for more sustainable solutions. The analysis also considers the challenges facing supply chains when it comes to making responsible choices in the face of competition for limited natural resources. (SustainAbility/UNEP/UNGC, 2007)

>> Unchaining Value (pdf)

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