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Seal the Deal! - CEO Statements

" The climate change issue is without any doubt one of the biggest challenges in our lifetime. It is absolutely critical that the political leadership around the world unite to tackle and resolve this issue in a manner which is speedy, effective and fair. Some short term sacrifices may be necessary to ensure long term success. It is only with a clear and committed climate agreement in Copenhagen that we can all be long term winners. Failure to reach an agreement is not an option. We at SKF are firmly committed to take our responsibility to support such an agreement and to actively contribute to a better, cleaner future."

Tom Johnstone, CEO, AB SKF.


"Abengoa, as a company dedicated to the pursuit of innovative solutions for sustainability in the infrastructure, environmental and energy sectors, is confident that over the course of the upcoming Copenhagen Summit a global agreement will be reached to combat climate change enabling the foundations to be laid for a worldwide system based on low-carbon economies. There are no longer any doubts today regarding climate change being a serious consequence of industrial activity, and there is an obvious need to promote a new economic paradigm based on the development of renewable energies and clean fuels. Achieving this Green New Deal will be instrumental in creating a sustainable future for all."
Felipe Benjumea Llorente, President, Abengoa.


" A post-2012 climate change agreement involving all countries and containing appropriate long- and medium-term emission reduction targets is essential.  Strong national action plans should include the following targets:
1. Global Target:  Greenhouse gas emissions cut by 50–85% by 2050 (base year 2000)
2. Developed Countries: Reduce emissions by 80–95% by 2050
3. Developing Countries: Especially middle income countries (China and India) – commit to targets that will support sustainable economic development
4. Reverse Deforestation and Support Afforestation:  Support measures to reverse deforestation and to enhance the role of forests as carbon sinks
Why do I support reaching a climate change agreement: My children’s future depends on it!."

Peter E Barker-Homek, Chief Executive Officer, Abu Dhabi National Energy Company «TAQA»


" Over the years, ACCIONA has never wavered in its staunch commitment to lead from the cutting-edge and innovation in the transition towards sustainable development. Our business model fosters the creation of sustainable infrastructure, the definition of a new energy model and universal access to water. The current economic downturn makes this commitment even more necessary. It is now all-important to completely overhaul the model of growth and consumption and to stem the damage being done to the environment, to avoid jeopardizing generations to come. That is the challenge facing us. We must step up measures now. Seal the Deal!"

José Manuel Entrecanales Domecq, Chairman & CEO, Acciona.


" A just deal at Copenhagen is essential if we are to tackle climate change fairly and effectively. The world’s polluters must pay for the consequences of centuries of dirty development. Rich countries must make deep cuts to their emissions and provide the finance and technology to enable climate-vulnerable countries and communities to adapt. A failure to act now will see an explosion of poverty, disease, displacement and despair in years to come. We are not on track for the just deal the world needs but we can get there if the politicians find the will to act. "

Ramesh Singh, CEO, ActionAid International.  


" En Adolfo Dominguez creemos necesario el compromiso de todas las partes (Sociedad Civil, Empresas y Gobiernos) en la búsqueda de una solución  efectiva al problema global del cambio climático. La Sociedad Civil y las empresas pueden reducir el nivel de emisiones pero aun siendo imperativa esta  actuación, es insuficiente. A la hora de la verdad quienes pueden liderar un cambio global son los Gobiernos, actuando de forma coordinada y promoviendo un nuevo modelo  energético mundial, basado en economías bajas en carbono  y  en unas energías sostenibles, competitivas y seguras. Mientras no tomen conciencia de la fragilidad e inadecuación del modelo actual, en el que se vincula el crecimiento económico  con  la contaminación, el resto de los esfuerzos serán en vano. Aprovechemos esta oportunidad como un primer paso para acabar con la “adicción” al carbono."

Adolfo Domínguez Fernández, CEO, Adolfo Domínguez.   


" Because air transport is still completely dependent on jet fuel, and because its contribution to CO2 emissions is growing, our industry is sometimes suspected of inaction as regards global warming. In fact, Air France-KLM and other industry players have worked for years to ensure that aviation duly contributes to the collective effort. Because international air transport is necessarily a global activity, curbing its emissions should be part of a global, sector-specific approach. We therefore call on the United Nations, at its Copenhagen conference, to include international air transport in a specific agreement which we hope will be effective, pragmatic, and fair."

Pierre Henri Gourgeon, CEO, Air France - KLM. 


"It is clear that effective action on Climate Change is a global priority to which all responsible entities should be committed to. We have commenced a corporate sustainability strategy which takes a 360° approach on sustainability across various industries in which we operate. As an integral component of this strategy all strategic business units under Aitken Spence have established environmental management systems to manage the environmental impacts of our operations. We encourage action on the Millennium Development Goals and uphold the principles of the United Nations Global Compact. A viable and equitable agreement at Copenhagen is not only a necessity it is also an obligation to the future generations."

J.M.S. Brito, Deputy Chairman/ Managing Director, Aitken Spence PLC. 


"AJA Brasil in partnership with Climate Savers Computing Initiative is promoting awareness about the Initiative in Brazil. The Initiative goal is to promote development, deployment and adoption of smart technologies that can both improve the efficiency of a computer’s power delivery and reduce the energy consumed when the computer is in an inactive state. By 2010, we seek to reduce global CO2 emissions from the operation of computers by 54 million tons per year, equivalent to the annual output of 11 million cars or 10–20 coal-fired power plants. This effort will lead to a 50% reduction in power consumption by computers by 2010, and committed participants could collectively save $5.5 billion in energy costs."

Adonai Rocha, President and Project Coordinator, AJA Brasil.


" The realization of a sustainable society is Amita’s corporate mission. To accomplish this mission, we have been forming the circulation system in our society by means of contributing recycle of industrial waste since 1977. We introduced FSC/ Forest Stewardship Council certification and MSC/ Marine Stewardship Council certification to Japan. As an industry innovator and a pioneer of environmental solution business, we proudly support the Seal the Deal! campaign to reach a comprehensive global agreement at COP15 and to build a sustainable society for future generations."

Eisuke Kumano, President & CEO, Amita Corporation.



" Arc International is a glass manufacturer and the world leader in tableware. As part of the French AERES association, since 2002 it has committed itself to voluntarily cutting its greenhouse gas emissions by 15% over the space of five years compared to its 1990 levels. In doing so, it has fully incorporated the problem of global warming within its industrial strategy. This commitment, which has since been met and even exceeded, today continues to apply in all of the Group’s business units. However, the results achieved by everyone involved can only really be meaningful if all participating parties are fully involved in a forward-looking process firmly focused on the future of our planet. With this in mind, Arc International fully supports efforts to reach a comprehensive worldwide climate deal."

Guillaume de Fougières, CEO, ARC International.


" Le Groupe Armor s'investit dans la préservation de l'environnement. Nous travaillons chaque jour à réduire les émissions des gaz à effet de serre dans notre activité, nous partageons nos outils, faisons part de notre expérience, investissons dans des innovations... De plus en plus de PME comme la nôtre s'investissent dans une démarche identique, afin de contribuer à la sauvegarde de notre planète. Armor réaffirme son adhésion au Global Compact de l'ONU et signe la pétition "Seal the deal" qui incite les gouvernements présents à Copenhague à relayer ce que nous faisons modestement à notre échelle."

Hubert de Boisredonm, Président Directeur Général, Groupe ARMOR.


" Taking decisive action to avert the catastrophic consequences of unchecked global warming is not simply the right thing to do but also the smart thing to do. That’s why, as specialist advisers on sustainability, corporate social responsibility, corporate governance and social innovation, Article 13 fully supports the United Nations in calling on the world’s leaders to negotiate a fair, balanced and effective climate agreement in Copenhagen. Failure to do so will not only put the lives and livelihoods of millions at risk, it would also be a missed opportunity to stimulate a new, and truly sustainable, model of economic development. "

Neela Bettridge, CEO, Article 13.

"More then ever do we need effective international agreements to combat climate change. Beside promoting human rights, saving our climate is key for ASN Bank in fulfilling it's mission to work on sustainability. We hope clear and ambitious international goals and commitments are going to support our mission. So far the effects of measures to decrease the emissions of greenhouse gasses have fallen short. Instead these emissions have grown. The effects this will have on poorer countries and future generations are looking more grim then ever. Conflicts on water and food, growing poverty and insecurity for everybody are serious threats. And still we do hope and believe that the world leaders and officials that will gather in Copenhagen will show true leadership by acknowledging the seriousness of the situation. But at the same time and most of all, by giving hope and power to the idea they will lead the international community in a future of peace and prosperity. All that is needed are goals and commitments to get a carbon free society."

Ewoud Goudswaard, CEO, ASN Bank.

" Aspen supports an effective climate agreement for the following reasons: Apart from the obvious health benefits and securing our planet, and future generations’ survival, thousands of jobs would be created worldwide and a collective world agreement/objective would bring the nation together achieving a huge step towards world peace and unity."

Vincent Harkins, Managing Director, Aspen Solutions Ltd.


" We have an obligation towards future generations to recognize the environmental problems we have caused, and to walk a path of corrective action right now before it's too late. As entrepreneurs we can lead the way by setting examples for others to follow. As citizens we must monitor businesses closely to ensure their environmental responsibility, and lift our voice both to reward companies that perform admirably and to demand change from those who don't. "

Al McClymont, CEO, Autologica.


" Climate Change is of paramount importance to Avon Metals. Changes in the climate over recent years, and those predicted over the next 100 years, are considered to be largely a result of modern human life, rather than Mother Nature following her course. The impacts of Climate Change  will affect every living organism on the planet. To this end, we applaud the United Nation’s Seal the Deal! Campaign calling for a fair, balanced and effective post-Kyoto climate agreement.  As a recycling company, Avon Metals’ mission is to become a totally sustainable company and our raison d’etre to help preserve our precious environment for future generations.  We are constantly pushing the envelope and challenging ourselves to investigate new technologies and renewable energy sources to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and neutralise our carbon footprint. We look forward to standing shoulder to shoulder with the UN and tackling Climate Change head on together."

Steven Munnoch, Managing Director, Avon Metals Ltd.


" This issue of climate change is extremely important for every country across the globe, many of which are been affected economically, socially and in other ways. We at AMFA particularly extremely concerned about impact of climate change on the poor farmers who earn daily living via running small and micro businesses in the rural area, which suffers a lot today from severe flood and other abnormal natural disasters.  We are confident that via supporting the poor rural household AMFA membership contributes towards poverty reduction and well being of the vulnerable population. As a supporter of the UN Global Compact, AMFA endorses the Seal the Deal! campaign."

Jhale Hajiyeva, Executive Director, Azerbaijan Micro-finance Association.  


" Bradesco supports the ‘Seal the Deal’ initiative as it believes in the need for an international accord that encourages the implementation of effective measures for mitigation and adaptation to climate changes. Ensuring that basic human rights, which include equal treatment, opportunities and access to a balanced environment, are respected is an urgent need for us to tread on the path to more inclusive and sustainable development. In this regard, responsible management and constant quest for innovation are fundamental roles to be donned by all in light of the threats posed by climate changes. Presence, commitment, and a responsible and collaborative attitude towards collective action are traits that make the difference in facing bigger challenges."

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, CEO, Banco Bradesco S.A.


" O desafio do aquecimento global define uma emergencial e necessária interseção entre as ações de governos, empresas e sociedade civil em prol da busca de soluções para um futuro sustentável. O Banco do Brasil, ciente de sua responsabilidade socioambiental e no âmbito de sua Agenda 21 Empresarial, alia-se à convergência de esforços que se estabelece em nível mundial visando a promoção e ao desenvolvimento de uma economia de baixo carbono."

Aldemir Bendine, Presidente, Banco do Brasil.


" How can we ensure sustainable growth and transform the world into low resource, high efficiency economies? Many technologies are already available and allow greenhouse gas emission reduction and cost reduction at the same time. With others it is obvious that climate protection comes with a price tag. We have to ensure that we deploy the most cost-efficient technologies first and get maximum climate protection at a minimum price and – most importantly – without distorting competitiveness. This is why we need to seal a real deal: a deal which is truly effective and establishes global standards across all sectors and countries."

Jürgen Hambrecht, Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors, BASF SE.


"Con independencia de fundamentos científicos, el compromiso con el medioambiente es coherente con el respeto a la sociedad y el legado a nuestros descendientes. Mantener un equilibrio razonable entre las necesidades económicas y la fuente de riqueza es, al menos, inteligente. Velar por una estabilidad climática que evite desastres impredecibles es una obligación de cuya observación dependerá nuestra propia subsistencia. Unicamente desde la cultura de la solidaridad seremos capaces de afrontar retos, fundamentos para una ERA focalizada en PROGRESO GLOBAL."

Javier Martin Fernandez, CEO, BMC Maderas S.A.

" We must address the challenge of climate change. Until energy producers and consumers know and pay a price for carbon, the uncertainty associated with planning and investing in the transition to a low carbon economy will remain high. Pricing carbon could make energy conservation far more attractive and wind, nuclear and solar power more cost competitive. It will also allow informed investment in fossil fuels and in the technology necessary to reduce the carbon emissions associated with their use."

Tony Hayward, CEO, BP Plc.


" Being Sri Lanka’s largest apparel exporter, our business processes utilize a large amount of natural resources which we firmly believe must be replenished and revitalized to ensure that future generations will be benefitted by our presence on earth. We have made a commitment to ensure that our business decisions will balance economic progress, whilst driving a culture of sustainable development through a consciousness for the environment. We remain committed to the UNGC principles and are proud to support and join the “Seal the Deal” campaign."

Ashroff Omar, CEO, Brandix Lanka Limited.


"Hartmann strongly supports the “Seal the Deal” initiative in order to achieving a fair, balanced and ambitious climate agreement in Copenhagen. Hartmann recognizes climate change as a major environmental problem facing our global community. We believe that a global problem needs a global solution. Therefore we are committed to the “Caring for Climate Initiative” launched by UN Global Compact and have launched a 3 year initiative bringing down energy consumption significantly."

Peter Arndrup Poulsen, CEO, Brødrene Hartmann A/S.

"Climate change is an issue which affects everyone; individuals, organizations, businesses and governments.  While it is imperative we reduce emission levels, it’s not enough. We need to develop a long-term low-carbon scheme to ensure sustainability for future generations.  I believe Seal the Deal! is a positive step towards achieving a comprehensive global agreement; a vital agreement that will help many people already suffering from climate change and ensure future prosperity.  Seal the Deal! is an initiative that will benefit everyone, including vulnerable countries, and provide much needed support to developing countries. It  is a remarkable initiative that has BDC's full support."

Nayef Z. Stetieh, President & CEO, Business Development Center.


" A robust Copenhagen agreement is critical to establishing clear long-term policies that will guide our economies, our companies, and our investments. As one of the largest fund families focused on sustainable and responsible investment, Calvert has held for some time that understanding corporate climate change risk and opportunity is vital to creating well-managed portfolios.  That said, the certainty that an international agreement will provide—in helping to set a sustainable global cost of carbon—will better allow investors to measure and manage this exposure. We believe our approach to carbon assessment can help create better portfolios by avoiding companies with poor carbon risk management, using shareholder advocacy to encourage our holdings to improve, and actively selecting companies providing solutions to the climate challenge.  Therefore, as investors we urge global leaders to come together around a strong climate change agreement and Seal the Deal!"

Barbara Krumsiek, CEO, Calvert Investments.


" The global business and investment community have the power to deliver a low carbon economy, and they want to do this urgently. What stops them is the absence of an effective climate agreement. This is urgently required because business is not a charity and it needs to be able to make profits. If we can galvanize political will and public support towards signing a new UN agreement on climate change, business will finish the job. But if governments keep business waiting, the world's greatest power will remain dormant."

Paul Dickinson, Chief Executive, Carbon Disclosure Project.


" For many years, the Carrefour group has been strongly committed to limiting and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. I am pleased to report that thanks to the increasing speed and execution of our energy efficiency programme we are achieving much faster our objective of 20% greater energy efficiency. We have therefore decided to set a new, more challenging target of 30% efficiency by 2020 compared to 2004.. We are also helping our customers do their bit in reducing energy consumption and emissions by developing and providing an affordable offer of energy saving and other green products. But as ambitious as could be the commitments of the private industry, we need the strong commitment of governments to really be able to tackle climate change. This is why Carrefour supports the United Nations message calling for an effective, ambitious and fair deal on climate change to be reached at Copenhagen."

Lars Olofsson, CEO, Carrefour Group.


" How else can we create awareness on changing climate trends.  An effective climate agreement must be reached and published far and wide.  We must create sensitivity to pollution and necessary conservation by way of changing lifestyles - it is nearing the too little too late stage - we must act NOW! ."

Gini Staussi, CEO, Caz Creole.


" The Centre for Sustainability & Excellence (CSE), as a leading advising and training organisation specialised in providing globally sustainable development solutions, actively supports the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen and looks forward to reaching an agreement to combat climate change. Such an agreement will set the ground for a comprehensive implementation of collaborative actions, originating from active stakeholder engagement.  Nowadays, companies are expected to operate under a sustainable corporate strategy as a necessary prerequisite for a sustainable future. Within that framework, CSE is committed to prioritizing actions which will raise awareness regarding the detrimental effects of carbon emissions and stimulate interest by public and private organisations to design strategies in order to steadily reduce their carbon footprint. CSE’s vision is to have a world with zero emissions and Globalize Sustainability with practical tools in order to make it happen."

Nikos Avlonas, CEO, Center for Sustainability & Excellence (CSE).  


" Dañar el medio ambiente es autodestruirse, es violentar ese noble legado que nos dejo el Creador, es atentar contra uno mismo. En la medida en que cuidemos nuestro medio ambiente, nos garantizamos mejor calidad de vida y le aseguramos a nuestros hijos: “un medio ambiente sano”. Por ésta razón nos comprometemos a: Verter en aserrín los desechos orgánicos para su absorción y posterior descarte, evitando contaminar los alcantarillados municipales. Clasificar los desechos de papel, plásticos y cartones, para la venta a empresas de reciclaje entregar los empaques vacíos de tinta al Reciclaje Solidario del Hogar Malambo. "

Christiaan de Haseth, CEO, C.G. De Haseth & Cia S.A.   


" No apparent reason why CHIMES will not support any climate change agreement that will spare the third world economies from further havoc of business environment brought by excessive CO2 emission. Today, the small enterprises, the world’s poorest group are the most vulnerable - to suffer the brunt of the impact of climate change without any responsibility for having caused it. As the “polluter pays” principle declares - the large industrialized economies who contributed for an overwhelming share of greenhouse emissions will be hold accountable and must play a proportionate role in the global effort to lower greenhouse gas emission. With the help of Seal the Deal and Global Compact, the smaller enterprises and less developed economies should bond together and try to exert moral suasion and work as one in pressuring the highly developed economies to accept deeper and drastic cuts in greenhouse gas emissions. The road to Copenhagen is expected to be stony and torturous because the highly industrialized economies are expected to insist on smaller cuts of greenhouse gas emission over a longer period of time. That unless - they realize to make greater cuts now in CO2 emissions that could reach the point of irreversible climate change in the coming years. "

Salvador R. Poserio, CEO, Chimes Enterprises.  


" Corporate social responsibility means for CINOP that we, besides making profit  through our activities in supporting vocational education and training, carefully watch our footprint in terms of planet and people in order to reach sustainability. In our daily activities we encounter the effects of man’s footprint on the planet throughout the world. This makes us support the United Nations in calling on the world’s Heads of State and Government gathering at UN Headquarters on 22 September for the UN’s high-level summit on climate change to show true leadership to comply with existing climate policies, such as the Kyoto Protocol, and to condemn free riding countries and to reach a fair, balanced and effective post-Kyoto climate agreement at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP 15), to be held from 7-18 December 2009 in Copenhagen."

Henny Morshuis, CEO, Cinop Advies BV.   


" Coca-Cola Hellenic serves a population of 550 million people in 28 countries. In doing so, we accept that own growth and development can only be sustained by helping to sustain our communities, not only for today, but also for future generations. We understand the importance of a unity of purpose and cooperation between governments and industry. We, therefore, encourage all parties taking part in the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen to unite in the interests of all peoples of the world and reach a meaningful agreement that sets clear goals and parameters, and outlines responsibilities that will achieve genuine results. "

Doros Constantinou, CEO, Coca-Cola Hellenic.   


" The world needs a strong and fair global climate deal. As a multinational company, we’re strongly in favour of equal, fair, and shared burdens and opportunities for all as the way to create a low-carbon economy. And we’re ready to take full responsibility for our fair share of the challenge. To have any effect, it’s absolutely crucial for Coloplast and other multinational industries that long term reduction targets are set globally, and that we know the costs of carbon in the future. Without a global commitment from the world’s politicians, the industry can’t live up to its full potential, and businesses will collectively fail in protecting the climate. As a manufacturer of plastic medical devices that dramatically improve people’s quality of life, we know the true value of fossil hydrocarbons. Let’s conserve this valuable, limited resource for the benefit of future generations, rather than burning it all now."

Lars Rasmussen, CEO, Coloplast A/S.    


" Η Διοίκηση και οι εργαζόμενοι στην εταιρεία μας υποστηρίζουν ανεπιφύλακτα τον ΟΗΕ ως προς τη λήψη μιας δίκαιης, ισορροπημένης και αποτελεσματικής συμφωνίας σχετικά με τις κλιματικές αλλαγές. Οι Ηγέτες Κρατών και Κυβερνήσεων που θα λάβουν μέρος στη συνάντηση της Κοπεγχάγης τον ερχόμενο Δεκέμβριο, επιβάλλεται να επιδιώξουν τη διαφύλαξη του περιβάλλοντος από τις κλιματικές αλλαγές."

Δημήτρης Ζαφειρίου, Πρόεδρος Δ. Σ.,  Comergon A.E.    


" Sabesp is the Brazilian leading sanitation company, proud to be in the Global Compact. The global warming will impact our business, affecting the rain cycle. So we are already taking actions for saving energy, reducing water losses, producing from renewables like biogas and hydropower at dams and sponsoring ciliary forest projects. Sabesp follows São Paulo State Policy on Climate Change, that express its commitment to overcome this challenge. We aim to do more and hope the world leaders agree a powerful compromise for dealing with this threat for the mankind and other species at Earth, our common home."

Gesner Oliveira, CEO, Companhia de Saneamento Basico do Estado de Sao Paulo (Sabesp) .


" Developing a social service is part of Enertolima’s responsibility. Giving an answer to this proposal the CEO and directors have developed and established the Social responsibility policy- Our strategy forms part of the ten Global Pact development elements. Within this practice we improve the global marketing construction stability, equitability and promotes prosperity in a society as well as benefits the region. This is attained through institutional policy and development, integral strategies, advanced broadcasting through progressive communications and compromise within our interest groups.   "

Jhon Jairo Toro Rios, CEO, Compania Energetica del Tolima - Enertolima S.A. ESP.   


" We are strongly support the campaign “SEAL THE DEAL” and really hope the Politicians to be mature enough to lead the decisions and agreements in Copenhagen not according to the interest of the few but for the sake and the interest of the generations coming, regarding the protection of the environment and the climate change and the establishment of a new green economy which will protect the most vital capital of the word. "

Stefanos Spathas, Managing Director, Connective Communications Ltd.    


"Cool House company builds only green homes in Thailand, not conventional construction, due to we concern the climate change affecting all lives. Cool House will do everything we can to protect our world. Thus, Cool House deeply supports an effective climate agreement."

Nawapon Sungwienwong, CEO, Cool House.


" We strongly support the UN campaign Seal the Deal! calling for an effective climate agreement. Climate change is a major concern to Coop as eating and drinking accounts for one third of the entire environmental impact. We assume our share of the responsibility by sourcing with integrity and by promoting a wide range of products with high social and environmental attributes. Additionally, we have committed ourselves to operate CO2-neutral by 2023. We lobby for a climate friendly Swiss legislation and create awareness among our consumers through our footprint campaigns."

Hansueli Loosli, CEO, Coop Cooperative.


" I believe it is imperative to support Seal the Deal because commercial enterprise is such a huge force in our global economy, with business networks and supply chains reaching every corner. If we can harness the power of these channels with appropriate incentives and motivations, change could be effected swiftly, through new innovations that have multiple benefits. Step Ahead has reaped the rewards of thinking sustainably since its formation in 1997. Our sustainable ethos has led to innovation in digital technology that sets us apart as leaders in our field."

Jackie Bedford, Managing Director, Credentials Ltd t/a Step Ahead.

" The challenge of climate change is complex and requires responsible action from businesses, politicians and citizens from all over the world. But the solutions do not have to be complex. Action is possible already today, and technology is not at all a barrier to that - we already have well-proven and efficient technical solutions available to reduce energy consumption and obtain cleaner energy generation. The sealing of a clear and ambitious Copenhagen deal in December will be a strong platform for combating the real barriers to action against the challenge of climate change: The political, economic and mental ones! "
Niels Bjorn Christiansen, CEO, Danfoss A/S.

" It is of the highest importance that the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen leads to an agreement that is effective in reducing emissions while assisting countries in adapting to the inevitable effects of climate change. Therefore, the Danske Bank Group supports Seal the Deal Campaign. The initiative is very much in keeping with the Danske Bank Group's focus on mitigating climate change."
Peter Straarup, Executive Board, Danske Bank Group.

" At De Beers we recognise that climate change is likely to be one of the greatest challenges of our era.  As a company rooted in Africa, we are aware that the impacts of climate change are likely to be most acutely felt in those communities that are least well equipped to cope with them. We understand the urgent need to develop an effective and co-ordinated global response to climate change that will help vulnerable communities to cope with its immediate impacts. To this end we are proud to join the United Nations in its call to Seal the Deal!"

Gareth Penny, CEO, De Beers Group of Companies.

"Estamos ante una oportunidad única, quizás irrepetible, de consensuar, las políticas necesarias para lograr un avance significativo en el cambio del modelo energético mundial. En estos tiempos de crisis económica,  es imperiosa la necesidad de aportar, aun más, toda nuestra capacidad para lograr acuerdos sobre como implementar un desarrollo sustentable que lleve de la mano el cuidado extremo de nuestro planeta. La lucha contra el cambio climático y el calentamiento global es una tarea que debemos llevar a cabo en el presente y con mas ahínco en el largo plazo, incrementando la adopción de energías limpias que nos ayuden a lograrlo."

Jorge Patricio Jones , President, Deprominsa.

" As a globally acting and leading logistics company, Deutsche Post DHL believes in the need and opportunity of a low carbon economy. We are doing our part to make this happen. Our GoGreen climate protection program helps us to provide truly sustainable logistics services, for our customers and for the planet. With GoGreen we aim to improve our carbon efficiency by 30 % by the year 2020. To encourage this we ask for: adequate and global carbon pricing mechanisms, incentives for investments in carbon efficiency, research & development in low carbon mobility.  We ask the political leaders to Seal the Deal in Copenhagen."

Frank Appel, CEO, Deutsche Post DHL.

" Global Warming is Manageable! Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is Part of the Solution. The ICT industry can make a significant contribution to limit global warming. As outlined by the SMART 2020 study, ICT uptake could reduce about 15% of total global emissions by 2020. Deutsche Telekom actively develops and markets products and services for a connected life and work, which help reducing the CO2 emissions of our customers. Deutsche Telekom also has a comprehensive strategy for limiting its own CO2 footprint. For example, the entire electricity consumption in Germany is supplied by renewable sources. Deutsche Telekom and its staff hereby call for governments and other stakeholders to agree on a high level of commitment to fight climate change within the framework of the Copenhagen conference (COP15)."
René Obermann, CEO, Deutsche Telekom AG.


" Today, 85 per cent of DONG Energy's power and heat production comes from fossil fuels and 15 per cent is carbon-neutral. DONG Energy wants to turn the numbers around within a generation. We call the strategy 85/15. An effective climate agreement should support the transformation to a low carbon economy by putting a high price on carbon emissions."

Anders Eldrup, CEO, DONG Energy A/S.

“Climate change is a significant challenge for the business community, requiring them to operate and deliver products or services in much more efficient and less polluting ways. At the same time it is an excellent opportunity for them to enhance their business performance while contributing towards a more sustainable future, particularly if  governments provide a clear signal via a global framework agreement in Copenhagen and supportive policies. That is why the Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry supports the International Chamber of Commerce’s statements on climate change and encourages all governments to reach an agreement in Copenhagen this December."

Hamad Buamim, Director General, Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

"The future and sustainable development of the world we live in will feed on secure and affordable access to energy supplies. We, at EDF, believe that energy and the environment are strongly linked. Low-carbon electricity will power new and clean applications across ail sectors of our economies and contribute to fighting the climate change crisis. We have set ourselves ambitious targets and policies to actively contribute to the collective and global effort to combat climate change. We are committed: to reduce our own greenhouse gas emissions and to develop low carbon electricity, based on a range of cost-effective technologies and massive investment across ail our businesses; and to promote eco-efficiency through a growing range of products and services tailored to the needs of our business and residential customers."

Henri Proglio, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, EDF.

"The Copenhagen Conference is a unique opportunity to demonstrate a shared and firm involvement to drive global actions against climate change and to boost a carbon free economy. By addressing environmental and energy needs issues as well as creating jobs and growth, renewable energies offer concrete solutions to three crucial challenges. EDF Energies Nouvelles, a worldwide leader in green electricity generation, supports the Seal the deal! campaign of the United Nations. We firmly believe in a sustainable and dynamic economy. Today’s emergency shall be taken as a chance to create the necessary international momentum."

David Corchia, CEO, EDF Energies Nouvelles.

" The global financial crisis and climate change are the two biggest challenges we face at this time. To address both, one solution is a sustainable, clean energy, low-carbon economy. But that requires a comprehensive global agreement if it is to make a significant contribution. For this reason, Edita supports the Seal the Deal! campaign, promoted by the United Nations. As the leading communications company in the Nordic region, we not only use our Green Edita program to offer products and services with a great environmental track record, but also continuously explore ways in which communication can help our customers – and their consumers – reduce their carbon footprints. "

Timo Lepistö, CEO, Edita Group AB (Edita Vaestra Aros AB and Edita Bobergs AB).

" Dear Governments we write to support Seal the Deal and urge you to take note of the ever increasing threat to our planet. EHS is a dynamic company with international cooperation, seeking to improve the world that we hand-on to our children and grandchildren by the introduction of 100% recycling technology that drives towards a “zero to be buried or burned” approach, arrived at without any pollution, especially of air and water. We are merely trustees of this planet for generations yet to come and we must uphold our responsibilities in this regard. UN Global Compact will make the difference."

Bill Findlay, CEO, EHS Global Solutions.

“Water is life and EPAL is the company which supplies 3 million people with water. Water is dependent on environmental and climate conditions. It is time to change. If we do not change now, we will not have time to change in future. It is important that each one become aware of the earth’s limits of regeneration. Therefore everybody must do what they can although it is not enough. We must join hands, good will, establish agreements and concentrate our efforts on saving the world’s climate. If we can do this, surely our countries and governments can do this too. We have to convince them to do it.”

João Fidalgo, CEO, Empresa Portuguesa das Águas Livres, SA (EPAL).
" Enagas, as a leader in transmission, regasification and storage of natural gas in Spain and also the Transmission System Operator, wants to join the initiative Seal the Deal! promoted by United Nations. Our Company aims to help reduce the emission of greenhouse gases keeping on improving the facitilies’ efficiency and providing the necessary infrastructure for natural gas use in electricity generation, fossil fuel causes lower emissions, and how best to back up renewable energy when the electricity demand can not be satisfied by these."

Antonio Llardén Carratalá, Chairman, Enagás.
" Enel believes the power sector can play a key role in providing a solution to climate change, as long as stable long-term regulatory frameworks are established. We support the creation of a global framework that provides clear price signals and flexible instruments to enable economically-viable implementation strategies. Creating these conditions would guide investments towards a low-carbon economy that leverage the industrial expertise, technological know-how and investment capability of power companies such as Enel. We hope Enel’s strategy to enhance efficiency, to further develop and bring technologies such as CCS and smart grids to the market will be supported by an effective agreement in Copenhagen."

Fulvio Conti, CEO & General Manager, Enel SpA.

" The effects of climate change are more evident than ever before. It is one global problem and any global problem must be managed on a global level. We must act together and responsibly because an integrated and comprehensive approach to sustainable development is a way for effective acting in the climate crisis and respectively food crisis and energy crisis. Energoinvest, d.d. – Sarajevo as one multidisciplinary engineering company with international cooperation (electrical energy, process industry, automation, telecommunications, hydro and civil engineering) continuously / preventively act through effective environmental impacts manage and using environment friendly technologies. In accordance with that we strongly support Seal the Deal! as a global campaign for effective climate actions, and expect that a comprehensive global agreement will be reached as a first and most important step to a world of sustainable business and mitigation of climate and other related crisis. "

Džemail Vlahovljak, General Manager, Energoinvest.

"Global Climate Change may be the most complicated, far reaching phenomenon ever addressed by the international community. Environmental, economic, and social issues, all at a global scale are involved. The international scientific community is in almost unanimous agreement about the reality of climate change and the causes. There is not an easy solution that works well for everyone, but there are solutions that do work.  These solutions can in fact benefit economic and social concerns if addressed as an opportunity. Energy efficiency is a huge, vastly underutilized market and if the price of energy reflected the cost, conservation would be implemented on a vast scale. This is only one opportunity of a low carbon economy.  There are many others."

Khaled Bushnaq, Chief Executive Officer, Energy Management Services.