Participants of Global Compact LEAD are characterized by a commitment to implement the Blueprint for Corporate Sustainability Leadership and a willingness to lead the Global Compact with strong engagement at the local and global levels. Equally important, LEAD companies have a commitment to share their learnings and outcomes with the broader universe of UN Global Compact participants.

Global Compact LEAD engages primarily companies, but reflects the multi-stakeholder nature of the Global Compact by including key non-business stakeholders (e.g, civil society and academia) in operational aspects.

Criteria for Participation

To join Global Compact LEAD, a company must be a signatory to the UN Global Compact in good standing with “active” status. In addition, companies must also meet at least one of the following three criteria areas:

1. Demonstrate leadership at the global level by:
a) Participating actively in at least one issue working group; and/or
b) Participating actively in a collective action initiative or working group launched by Global Compact LEAD.

2. Demonstrate leadership locally, particularly in non-OECD countries, by participating actively in Global Compact Local Networks in the following ways:
a) Joining in a Local Network steering committee or governance body; and/or
b) Hosting, sponsoring or organizing Local Network meetings; and/or
c) Sharing experiences with other network participants; and/or
d) Launching local working groups or collective action initiatives

3. Submit a Communication on Progress (COP) that meets the criteria of the GC Advanced level of the COP differentiation programme, and in so doing, covers the company’s efforts in implementing the Blueprint for Corporate Sustainability Leadership.

After the first year of LEAD membership, companies are expected to meet all three of these criteria in order to continue as members.

Participation Fee

LEAD is a fee-based platform. Participation fees will cover the costs associated with running the services, events and other activities of LEAD as well as contribute to the further strengthening of global and local engagement opportunities.

The annual fee for participation in Global Compact LEAD is based on the company’s annual sales/revenue:

Annual Sales/Revenue  
USD 10 billion or more USD 65,000
Between USD 1 billion and USD 10 billion USD 50,000
Between USD 250 million and USD 1 billion USD 35,000
Between USD 25 million and USD 250 million USD 20,000
Less than USD 25 million USD 10,000


The participation fee will be in lieu of the general annual voluntary contribution to the Foundation for the Global Compact, as well as fees associated with some issue area working groups or specialized platforms of the UN Global Compact in which the company participates. Companies are permitted to allocate a portion of their annual Global Compact LEAD participation fee to a specific working group or other specialized platform.

Some LEAD events may require a cost-covering contribution.

Fees will be processed by the Foundation for the Global Compact and, depending on country-specific tax laws, may be tax deductible.

Companies interested in joining LEAD may send an email to the address below.


(Last Update 28 January 2011)